Confused Mind !

Today I just don’t feel like not talking about me or my story, But what I want to cover is a subject. A subject that is a part of everyone’s life and we all know very well. So today I am 28 ..oops there I go taking about me again,anyways so I would talk about me and the subject then, after all its my blog. And plus who reads this anyways.

So where was I …yes ! I am 28 and i remember the time when I use to be very clear about my feeling and was confident about the same. and when I talk about the time ,its when I was in my college. my eyes search and browsed many girls and laid itself on few and stared at couple of them, and talked only with one..It was many girls yet I was clear, Not that I am not clear today. I am dating a wonderful girl and I am settled in life. The only part I miss is browsing..loll !!

Anyways when I am 28 what I should be actually talking about is how busy I am with office work and office work and office work..and how I don’t meet my friends and girlfriend in between all this and yet I think its isn’t a problem. So when su few days back said that she want to watch a movie with me.I though let me see and then I thought “really” and finally I thought “not possible”. But I had draw a line someday and so One day Su came out with a solution that we go out for a weekend and (here comes the best part )and I get my friend Anki along with me.I confess that I was excited that I am meeting Sexy Anki who got a tattoo on her back ..can you believe ? “Tattoo girl” (Now thats a 20 year old talking in me, not me !!) But let me honest here by the time weekend was a just  day away ..i Realized that I was actually very happy  as I could see Su again and spend some romantic time with her,I love her do you hear Su ,all said and done I still love you ! alot infact  (Here it is  a 28 year old talking again )

So the trip started well and cut tings short ,I loved every bit of it,infact I would not have written anything about it had I not had an amazing time .Anki me and su and suju all of them enjoyed and, loved every bit of it. But the highlight of the trip was a small incident that happened between Suju and Anki and that is what is the Subject !..U don’t recollect right?..”Subject” I was suppose to talk about me and subject ?? anyway new paragraph.

At night after few drinks and then lots of talks finally we decided to sleep. For me and su as we slept side to each other .It was a usual sleep ,but on other side my dear friend suju had a confused mind talking to him he was sleepy yet suspicious ! I am making it a little interesting that’s all . to be frank Anki make a small impression on Sujus mind with her continuous talk and amazing matching wavelength. and suju was bowled over..But then few hours and how can someone fall in love was the question..I mean come onn he ain’t that desperate ! but well it was all happening in sujus mind while we were fast asleep. Next morning we all woke up ,suju looked a little depressed after few talks and masti ,Suju came over and confessed that he had held Ankis hands while she was asleep. After all fuss and confusion..We concluded this chapter as “Lets forget it”

This incident made me go back to what I said before that while growing up and turning mature on our profession side of life is when we go stupid on our personal life..With age we turn so confused with our feeling that we end up making mistakes. So mistakes like this and the person is not forgiven.In simple words we don’t expect mature people to make mistakes. This incidents has no solution to it..I just wanted to highlight it that’s all, this can happen to anyone of us  and its is less avoidable ! So stay safe and stay happy !