Bye !!

It was year 2004 when I showed my fist hint of wanting to be a blogger as I inked my red small book with my thoughts and dreams. Soon there were few such more books before I took a long pause when my life moved from one layer to another. I went on to do many things which interested me, writing just turned out to be one of temporary passion and I had no regrets!

One fine person one day suggested me to write as he happened to have read some of my stuffs over the laptop soon this number of fine people increased as they brushed themselves to side of me. but I waited and  when the time was right I went ahead and started my very own blog :www.dare2write/  and here I am today after having blogged some 27 blogs till date all I can say is I cannot be anymore happier than this.

This space stood with me accepting things that I said. When I enjoyed something this blog had a smile on it and when my heart was hurt this blog sobbed. I never promoted this blog as I worried that this will make people see the real person in me. I was fake to a lot of people around but my honesty was felt and valued here .I know you people should be thinking that when there is no one on other side reading this and when internet is a non living thing then why am I so emotional about this space. You see people at times that me a little stupid.

Anyways cut things short after all the good time and bad one I today have decided to abscond myself from this space forever. This is my last blog and all I want to say is that I dint decided to do this because I hate this place in fact I love it but I think now I can’t do it anymore..I would not want to come back here .It’s just that presently I am in one of those phase of my life when I am as good as alone.

As my visitor stats suggest I have had good few people visiting  on few occasion and that makes me  believe there are some unknown people who have heard me talking ,Just wanna Thank you all

Stay easy on LIFE !!


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