The Village !!




Before I start,A small courtesy extended towards Pradeep,Anju,Shashank,Shantaram,Mausi,Mama,Thaie ,and of course Pandaya and many other people whose name i don’t recollect….BUT THANK YOU EVERYONE !

If there is one thing that is not proper in this world for me is my life at present! And that finishes the discussion here, Low with my feelings and thoughts and sick with my work, yesterday I decided to take a day off to do something which had nothing to do with this improper life and it’s so called sadness.

As never said before on this blog, My dear friend Pradeep is on his attempt to find harmony in something which he has been attempting since long (Livestock). Been a while since Pradeep has converted few spoken words in the drunk state to a realistic dream in a far off village called “Chakan”

What has been a story for us since a long time was about get a face to it, as we decided to visit Pradeeps new office (Land) in “Chakan” A total of 180 km which was covered on Anju’s car along with Shashank,As we drove on other side Pradeep was busy making sure that chores were taken care off for our first visit. As we reached the spot one could barely ignore what pradeep had turned into from a fairly macho handsome personality to a coal mine worker (I am sorry to say that but man I never saw him so dark and ugly)..Yes his work demanded this and Pradeep dint hesitated giving it across without a glitch. Soon we had to cross a small water log with bare feet to reach Pradeeps new work place. One glance across and I could feel it that we have something big awaiting to happen for tomorrow .The climate was shady and Breeze was light ..While we moved from one land to another…all I cud feel is the ploughed mud under my bear feet and I was obliged.

He introduced to us to Mama and Mausi, Both a local senior couple villagers with strong character helped us understand the bits and pieces of farming and upbringing of different Animal breeds. Soon few more people got introduced and it all looked as a big gang talking about Mother Land and its blessing and offering to all the dear villagers and us.

As mosquitoes bit Anju’s hands and legs and as children’s found hard to stop giggling over Shashanks Blue female tshirt and white capries is when we realized that we were hungry.

No time and we had the best food of Maharashtra served in front of us ( Gavti Vada pav) ..Obviously later we had some troubled time along with villagers as Shas found it hard to hide his gratitude inside his ass.(It was fun) Jokes laughs and pandya ( The male goat who is a fucking smart ass) the day passed great from day light to dark evening  and so we were invited as a guest to Mausi’s home for Dinner.

As we entered the hut ,All Women’s joined hands and made us feel proud as a guest ,while kids hided themselves in their respective mothers saree’s ,all men’s still could not believe that one can wear blue t-shirt and white capries ..What was imagined a few mins wait turned out more than 4 hours wait with food been cooked on “Chullas” (It takes time)..Our gas filled stomach already cursed us for Vada Pav and was pleading to not put any more potatoes in it .but sadly we could do least as we were served Puri Bhaji Nevertless  it was tasty and yummy ,and then later  Dal chawal which I don’t want to talk ..I can murder anyone for that it was that tasty.

Soon as we finished we thanked the villagers and promised a next visit soon as we are confident that Pradeep is going to nail this one.As we joined hands and said bye ..My heart was filled with joy and a little emotional. I will never forget this innocent people who feeded us special and made us feel so comfortable in between them (We almost slept)..I did get a little tanned but I took it as blessing from Chakan !  Adios!

Some great Memories of trip in Bullet points:

  • Pandaya
  • Bull (Pretty huge and damn pretty) – I saw Dada’s Chest grow 2 inch as he introduced us to that Royal White bull..and boy ! that bull had some attitude !
  • Pradeep Top 5 change from a City guy to a villager (What changes will be said some other time)
  • Sitting on the dry mud and feeling the coldness beneath.
  • Shantram’s collection of 90’s completely forgotten song..Por guy sings remix songs with all DJ music and all thinking that it’s the original way how the song was prepared..I mean come onn..” Munni badnaam hui ..Chintachita !!
  • Anjus tight tummy (One more puri and it was done)
  • How can I forget  Shas good news – 28/36 ghun mil gaya re- Congrats Shas ,I could see how happy your were J  and also how tense you were too before knowing the good news L ,We all very happy !! she is perfect  !
  • Mosquito smoke sprayed on Anjus face.

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