When Ted met Stella !

Ted did meet a lot of girl before landing on his wife. Few lasted days and few longer then that.This episode has ted attempt to remove a tattoo from his back which was inked under circumstances uncalled and this is how he met his doctor “Stella” who as ted claims was the only girl before his wife who made a heart to heart connection on very first eye contact.well in this case the heart connection just happened from Teds side.Anyways so in his total of nine treatment sessions with the Stella,Ted repeatedly tried to get her attention but Stella even after acknowledging and buying all his pick up lines yet confidently and firmly had a no on her face. Nevertheless this episode had its funny sides to it which came with stupid attempts made by Ted to impress Stella and failing in it,yet what one could only see and feel was Teds rare feelings for girl which was Stella.

On his last session Teds just decided to give it away and not drop the question in front of Stella as he says he can live his life guessing but cannot take a NO for an answer (Ted was in serious love with this girl) but then also somewhere sees a point in his friend lili’s statement of not linger around the feeling and coming to a end to it with whatever outcome it offers.

Last day after session Ted asks Stella if she has changed her mind to which Stella starts off with a diplomat NO but this time she adds her reason of saying so ,which was her responsibility to feed her 8 yr old Daughter and her only shot to do so was from her busy profession as a doctor and little what she gets out of it is what was shared by her and her daughter.

Listening this Ted remains speechless and walks out from there confused ,later he recalls the same incident in front of his friends and that is when he realizes that since 1st session till last it was never a “No” from Stella..It was a side that she wanted him to see and then make his choice ,Immediately Ted goes to Stella and does something simply Romantic (Hell Romantic !! ) in 2 mins which is all that Stella then had to offer Ted then (Her tight schedule)..And it results in a very cute ending to a beginning of a seriously relationship of Ted and stella in How i Met your mother !


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