Charlie and Barney !

Charlie is a pervert and I feel like so surprised to see him in his best as his life goes on from one chick to another. His humor just gets better and better and also Charlie is a rich ass with lots of booze money in his pocket .Another jackass is Barney he just cant  think anything above girls neck whenever he meets them. Best part of his life is that he gets it quick and gets over it a lot quicker. Charlie and Barney both make it look easy just like a poem, No mood swings .No unexpected anger and then regret and neither tears.

What I never understood is that How Charlie would have felt if Chelise would have dated Allen after him. Well Allen did dated that tiny girl and few more who were Charlie’s early girlfriends but still Charlie never felt it (Lets be honest). Also what’s really surprising is Barney and Ted are quite fine about the situation that Robin dated them one behind another and went on further dating more guys.

But I do recollect the episode of Robin and Barneys break up AND Robin and Teds break up (It was hilarious) It did made some sense and it felt real too what I hope is that the end shown in it was real too !!


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