A window to come back !!


A window to come back !!

what was steaming since a while finally caught fire and have now burnt down and tomorrow they might be ashes..I wont explain the meaning of the same but i want to talk on  relationship today (My fav topic),With my aging experience it looks evident that i might just arrive on my PHD on this word called relationship,I will not consider myself to be successful person when in comes to maintaining the relations with people.but i have learnt ifs and buts of it and which i believe everyone eventually learn and with lot of courage exclaims “Next time no mistake”

When ever anything bad happens with relationship i was forced to forget that persons existence in my life,I simple wipe my tears off and gulp the log of pain deep down my throat and accepted the depreciated life with its leftovers.I am a person who like brushing my stained memories with these special people when they are not around and i smile while i recollect those memories and this is only possible because i try to end relations on a note where i can always look back,Not that i have been successful every time on this ,like i remember few names where i do regret for my act and does feel apologetic or maybe have forgiven few’s sins long back, but then their ways got so separated that i could not even trace it back . and trust me all this relations are not my girlfriends infact most of them have been my very close friends.

We all know that life is not easy.At times you have money but your happiness is way to expensive to afford,and at times all your happiness has one key called “Money”.

What i gradually want to put across is that people were not wrong and neither their intentions its just that time and circumstances wasn’t right. and then as they say divine will only show up inside you when you forgive and make peace with your and others life.I feel sad to see those windows which have got closed and i can never overlook beyond them but at the same time also satisfied that few have stayed open and i can always smile on some good great memories that we shared.

Don’t know when i said all this i felt “human” and all this came with lot of pain and sorrow ,it might not convey the reason why but i know deep down somewhere that why is it that my heart pained when i breathed this few words on this column


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