Confession part 2

Its my 19th blog,inching towards my 20th and boy i am so proud of my this achievement,I am person who believes in progress and i might be slow on this blog but i definitely consider this as a progress..Yes my 19th blog !!

Gurrrhhh…Its so difficult to write blogs in office with noise and all ,i knw that  now you should be thinking  that then i am a foolish to write blogs sitting in office ,Surprise it is but most of my blogs have been scribed when i had been in office..Their is a very Stupid reason behind it..that’s my so called “Laziness”.

I aspire to become a buinsess man and a lot more other stuff and also go gaga on the progress shit and all, but in real i know that i have develop certain stubborn habit inside me that has resulted me in total lazy useless man,I begin my day when half the people around me are yet sleeping ,yes thats quite been a stable habit for me no matter how late i sleep !! but despite getting up early i  like to laze out and waste time untill finally when i leave home,my office has 70 percent atendence rolling.

Anyways i remmember the early days when i was blind towards taking cab for short distance and use to travel by affordable public transport but today i have develop bad habit of doing things that takes less effort,I avoid meeting clients unless its very important and dont like roaming around with friends unless we roam on bikes.I have aspiration to become huge in life but efforts towards them arnt upto its need ..but still every morning when i wake i am positive about my life .

This Habit of mine has got into me slowly without my knowledge and guess i will have to work out hard to come out of it so that one day i can be what i always aspired to be !!


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